Our Healthy Haven.

The Fitness Empire LLC (“TFE”) is conveniently located in North Houston.

TFE upholds a liberating women’s oasis for its members in a male-dominated industry that is increasingly growing. As a breakthrough women’s fitness studio, The Fitness Empire commits to providing a healthy, results-driven experience and a transformation provoking program. With guilt-less nutrition guidelines and valuable member support, we provide a motivating force that propels the female fate to success, in and off the gym floor. We aim for healthy wholesomeness by helping to reconstruct the daily habits for each individual, their families, and their friends of all ages.

The Fitness Empire is a female fitness powerhouse that has an inspirational women’s culture. TFE is a revolutionary program with award-winning services that include: personal and small group training, weight loss regimens, rhythmic strength training, resistance training, cycle and yoga inspired stretching, and sports performance agility exercises.


Women Impacted by Our Growing Movement

Since 2017, we have been confidently making strides to ensure women have a safe place to resolve their health and wellness headaches. We provide an effective, supportive solution in an overly saturated male-dominated industry.



Pounds of Fat Eliminated

We take pride in our award-winning trainers who deliver jaw-dropping results! Our unique training system, which is paired with guilt-less nutrition guidelines, makes our program experience more enjoyable, leaving every woman satisfied.



Sponsored Partnerships

Our core belief is that every woman is most fulfilled when she maintains a healthy “balance.” TFE collaborates with various local corporations and small businesses that make sure our members indulge in different forms of self-care by providing members with exclusive offers and deals EVERY month!



  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Meal Plan Guidance

  • Flexible Online Scheduling Capabilities

  • 24-Hour Member Password-Protected Resource Portal

  • 30 Day In-Depth Fitness Analysis

  • Child-Friendly Gym (Age Restrictions)

  • Member Rewards Program Discounts at Local Self-Care Businesses

  • Monthly Accountability Check-Ins

  • Measurements Updated

  • Bi-Annual Progression Photo Shoot

  • Motivating Fitness Challenges

  • Exclusive Member Discounts on Merchandise/Private Events

  • Monthly Member Hangouts + More!