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I am in the best shape of my life
— Samantha, Chemical Engineer, Wife + Mother of 1



Ja’Kya is not an ordinary trainer! She truly caters to everyone’s personal needs and goals. You will see the results of your life and #SweatAndSlay as she says!
— Cartiay, PR Director + Boutique Owner - Wife + Mother of 1


Dress shopping..my waist was snatched and my booty was POPPING! It made me so excited that I even joined TFE in the first place
— natalia, mom + wife

So... Today was my first session and I almost died! Lol So, I was a bit nervous about my first session but I’m so happy I did it.. Literally! But Kya is amazing!!!! She has this way of pushing you while at the same time being patient with you. I love the way she took her time to show me the correct way to do each exercise and coached me through every single rep, giving me extra inspiration when I looked like I was about to give up. I also loved how she pushed me but paid attention to how I was feeling to make sure I was OK to keep going. Although it was hard, I appreciate her for not allowing me to take shortcuts or give up. So, at the end of the day I know I did the full workout the right way; there were no shortcuts! I also took my “before” pictures and measurements, got the meal plan, and joined her fitness groups! Needless to say, I’m super excited about starting my fitness journey with Ja’Kya, and I can’t wait to start posting some “after” pics!
— Tenia, Entrepreneur, Mom of 1

I have trained with Ja’Kya for a year. From the beginning, Ja’Kya was attentive and took time to understand and assess where I was with my physical fitness, mental attitude and dedication. Being in my 50’s and coming off of some prior injuries, it was important to find a trainer that understood the approach necessary for someone my age. Ja’Kya knew how to “build” my strength and stamina to where I became fit like I was in my 20’s and 30’s and look the best I ever have!
— Di, Realtor, single