Let’s be honest workout plans only work for you if they work for your busy life. That’s where The Fitness Empire - the Healthy Woman’s Haven comes in. We created a lifestyle fitness program where we focus on wellness of the mind, body, and soul. It starts with giving you the freedom to choose the workout that best fits your lifestyle and your workout preference. Then we offer classic and custom meal plans to promote better longer lasting results and a healthier lifestyle. Plus, join our fitness sisterhood for our monthly R & R girls nigh out hangouts to help revive your soul and give you the energy and support you need to meet your goals.

We have three different training options but several different ways you can customize your transformation determined by your time, lifestyle and fitness goals. To better assist you with making such a life changing decisions we would like to meet you.

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Personal Training


Personal Training services are most popular for women who need more concentrated attention to focus primarily on their particular fitness goals and monitoring them in a more in-depth and micro-level way. One-on-one programs are beginners favorite training preference given the sessions are customized by request. You got a trainer that only watches you to ensure you main proper form, function and efficiency to create a body of your dreams. Your fitness game plan will be the trainers number priority and help your focus on lifestyle habit that is particle for your every day life.


Group Training


Group Training services are small group based style service that is fueled by women working in unity to achieve optimal health and transformation. We offer several group morning and evening session through the week. The schedule is set and accessible for all active group members to enroll in their preferred time slot that best fits their schedule.


Online Training

Online Training


Virtual Training gives working moms + female bosses more freedom and flexible to have access to a Women's Fitness Professional in real time and space that you find necessary. You can schedule specific times to train via online as a private member or if your schedule allows you can meet at us on specific days and days for weekly online group hangout sessions. No worries if you're life requires you to work out sporadically, the pre-recorded step-by-step training option works out just fine!  


Pre-Workout Stretching


Stretching is an utilized preparation method that many may take for guaranteed but it has several benefits. If you want to see:

  • Reduce muscle tension

  • increase range of motion

  • decrease muscle fatigue and stiffness

  • faster post-workout recovery

our one-on-one stretching session is one you need to experience to understand how it effect your body exclusively

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Program perks!

All membership packages will included the following:

Nutrition Guidance Daily

Accountability Check-Ins Monthly

Measurements Updated

Progression Pictures

Motivating Fitness Challenges

Flexible Online Scheduling Capabilities

24-hour member resource portal

In-Depth Fitness Analysis

Gym kid-friendly (age restrictions)

Exclusive member discounts on merchandise/private events

Monthly Member Hangouts + More!

All first time members or returning member who's been inactive for more than 60 days must schedule a fitness consultation before registering for any fitness membership

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